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Although their slightly questionable name is within spitting distance of being mistaken for a mustache-twirling indie band, Poland’s The Dead Goats are anything but. The Warsaw outfit, forged from the ashes of grindcore outfit Neuropathia, calls themselves “hugely inspired by the Swedish metal sound of the 90’s, and their most recent EP, Don’t Go In The Tomb is absolutely a testament to that. The grindcore roots of the band’s musical journey haven’t gone anywhere on lead-off track “Featherless,” as shown by the vicious blasts that start the song. The rest of its 4 and a half minutes is dedicated to lean, thrashy Swedish-style death metal, dominated by some of the gnarliest Boss HM-2 chainsaw guitar tone I’ve heard lately this side of Entombed. It’s so much meat that there’s barely any potatoes; so much so that there isn’t much more I could say to sum it up!

Stream “Featherless” below and pick up Don’t Go In The Tomb alongside the rest of The Dead Goats’ discography on Bandcamp.