Amplified: Tarsius Tarsier are tying hands, playing very fast

Posted by on February 6, 2015

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Some bands need absolutely no sugar-coating or spin, and their music just hits like a brick to the face. Madrid’s Tarsius Tarsier is absolutely one of those bands. Crust from Spain? Count us in! What we got for our curiosity was a taste of the record “Ceremonia de Atadura de Manos,” which after taking some poetic liberties from Google Translate, roughly means “Ceremony of Tied Hands.” What that ceremony brings is eight tracks coming in at roughly 20 minutes of crusty, metallic, completely vicious hardcore in the vein of a blastier Converge, or a more riffy Trap Them. The band’s sense of…no. You don’t need to read all of this. Like I said before, no spin needed here. Stream the entirety of “Ceremonia…” below, and if that doesn’t get you out of your chair and moshing, well…you just don’t like fast music that is also very heavy. You can name your price on Bandcamp, so throw them some money and tell your friends!


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