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This week brings us a very interesting submission by way of Argentinian-born and ultimately worldwide project Plaguestorm. Acting as producer and sole songwriter, band mastermind Sebastian Pastor shopped his creation out to a few different session musicians, including none other than Soilwork’s Bjorn “Speed” Strid on “Synthetic Life!” Add in some other Argentinian players and a vocalist in Washington state, and you have a final product in the EP Everything’s Gone Wrong that is rife with variety. Old-school melodic death metal in the Swedish vein is the order of the day here, with a little thrash, some blast beats, and tasty, understated guitar solos all around. The revolving door of vocalists is a great idea as it keeps things more fresh, and the songs don’t overstay or overindulge at all. This is workhorse melodeath for sure, so stream Everything’s Gone Wrong below.