Amplified – Siriun Trust In Chaos, and so should you

Posted by on November 20, 2015

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Brazillian thrash band Siriun know how to grab attention. The first few moments of a track are the most important, as a flat riff can pretty easily make any listener, nevermind someone who gets a whole bunch of submissions per week say “eh, I’ll skip this.” Siriun’s track “Transmutation” off their record In Chaos We Trust, couldn’t possibly be any more opposite to that. I admittedly saw “Brazilian groove/thrash” and thought I knew what I’d be listening to, but “Roots Bloody Roots” this is definitely not. The track really only settles in on a pulsing midtempo groove inherent to the style near the end, but the track starts on a high note, with a Strapping Young Lad type of chaotic, blast beat-laden wind tunnel effect. These guys managed to land ex-Six Feet Under and Daath drummer Kevin Talley for this release, so that certainly helped. This is fast, and brutal, and you need this in your life.

Stream “Transmutation” below, then buy In Chaos We Trust immediately:

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