Amplified: Second to Sun groove, blast, and everything in between

Posted by on March 27, 2015

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Let’s be honest, the instrumental “djent” thing on its own is pretty boring. The bands that stand out in that style either dazzle with their virtuosity to appeal to the musicians in the crowd, (Animals As Leaders) or juxtapose the complexity of their instrumentals with catchy melodicism. (Periphery, Intervals, etc) I feel that the real problem is that the bulk of the style is too sterile and lacks any sense of danger. Russia’s Second To Sun seems to agree with that, and their interest in extremity is clear in their single “Land of the Fearless Birds.”

The track is diverse but concise; we get a little bit of extended range, rhythmic choppiness to set the mood, but things quickly turn a little thrashy as well, with some blast-beats and even local ethnic instruments to add texture. This is all rolled into a very short song as well, pretty unusual for a normally indulgent subgenre. Overall, these guys are on to something exciting, and although I’d normally advocate the addition of a vocalist to shake things up, they manage to fill the sonic space without brainless guitar clinic wankery.

Stream “Land of the Fearless Birds” below, and you can check out the rest of their discography on Bandcamp.


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