Amplified: France’s Praetoria brings the thrash

Posted by on March 14, 2016

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The first thing I thought in checking out France’s Praetoria and their debut album, Mirror of Modernity was “these guys need to tour with Revocation.” That’s no minor compliment of course, but this band would compliment such a night of thrash perfectly. Lead-off single “The Passenger” dazzles with some insanely chunky guitar tone – there’s some core here for sure, the parts are based mostly on doing as much as possible with chug patterns on just a few notes, but it’s much thrashier in attitude than they first appear. Guitarists Michaël Rodrigues and Pierre Klementieff are the standouts here; they shine as insanely tight rhythm players.

Watch the video for “The Passenger” below, and then grab Mirror of Modernity on Bandcamp – name your price!

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