Amplified: Matricide turn random and fate into huge grooves

Posted by on July 17, 2015

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Tel Aviv’s Matricide are aiming high: the band seeks to be, in their own words, “the most powerful metal band in Israel,” and they’re well on the road to doing exactly that with their latest release, When Random Turns to Fate. The band’s core is rock-solid, meaty grooves, luckily without the usual tough-guy posturing of that sort of act. There’s some melodic choruses here, but they’re a lot more subtle than their contemporaries and retain the grit of the chunkier passages. Leads for the most part follow similar suit as more textural and less on the overtly shreddy side. The production here is spot-on; that guitar sound is massive! There’s not a filler track to be had, the all-important groove is at the forefront and there’s very little to distract.

Check out When Random Turns to Fate below!


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