Amplified: Impalers are a shovel headed riff machine

Posted by on May 29, 2015

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Low-fi aesthetics are great and all, but once in a while I come across an unsigned band that has the kind of album cover I would have bought back in middle school, completely on the grounds of it looking “totally sick” and/or “badass as hell.” Denmark’s Impalers are, indeed, totally sick as well as badass as hell. These guys were clearly raised on a steady diet of Exodus, with a side of Exodus, and a dessert consisting of mostly Exodus. That’s not a bad thing for Impalers by any means, especially since that’s one of the most gracefully aging classic thrash bands (we love you, Gary Holt!). The riffs here are razor-sharp, and the slightly low-fi production to my personal taste still doesn’t deaden it in the least.

Stream the title track from their latest recordĀ God From The Machine below, and buy the whole thing on Bigcartel here. Feel the shred. Know it, love it.


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