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Hailing from my home state of Rhode Island, Deathwish make it immediately clear up front that their lineup is pretty ridiculously stacked in terms of technical ability on their newest track, “The Precipice.” This is a band that’s always been apt at blending a variety of styles into a totally cohesive whole – as opposed to “this is the groove part, this is the tech part, this is the slam or the Tampa death metal bit, etc.” As the song rolls on, what becomes more clear is how well they apply that flashy musicianship to extremely tight, well-composed songs that have plenty of peaks, valleys, and moods where every note serves a purpose. Stick around for the killer solo section at the end.

The video shows off their sense of humor as well, presenting the lyrics in the form of an old-school side scrolling arcade game that pits the band against the gigantic disembodied head of Disturbed’s David Draiman, ooh wah-ah-ah-ahs and all. Funny stuff.

Watch the video for “The Precipice” below; the band is currently gearing up to release a new record, in the meantime, you can stream their excellent 2012 EP Dreams Of Fortune or buy it on Bandcamp.