Amplified: Death is Righteous, and so is Shredhead

Posted by on January 16, 2015

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Overall, I’d say I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to metal, and the fastest way to my heart is through sick riffs. When it came to Berlin-by-way-of-Israel’s own Shredhead, it was love at first listen. What’s most exciting about Shredhead in particular is that a great deal of bands from their particular corner of the world can sound a bit dated as it can take a while for metal records to find their way there, their second record Death Is Righteous is a rock-solid slab of modern thrash. Mastered by Tue Madsen, who had a hand in some wonderful-sounding records by The Haunted, among scores others, we get a crystal-clear picture of technical riffs that still manage to be vicious in their attack, a present, rattling bass tone that adds just the right punch, and the sort of gravel-throated Chuck Billy-inspired vocals that fit perfectly with what the band is trying to pull off. Listen to the title track from Death Is Righteous here, and check out their Facebook to stream the entirety of their first record, Human Nature. The happiest problem to have when it comes to writing about a band is not having a huge block of text to really drive it home. Why bother, when these riffs do all the talking?

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