Amplified: Alustrium shred “A Tunnel To Eden”

Posted by on June 19, 2015

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What is it with Philly and awesome prog bands? One of our first Amplified posts was for my favorite dudes In The Presence of Wolves, (South Jersey, Philly…sorry guys, you get roped in!) and now we have a far heavier offering from Alustrium, with their upcoming record, A Tunnel To Eden.

The record’s title track and first single opens with a minute of orchestrated ambience to build the mood. The “synth intro to brutal album” thing bores me to death generally, but Alustrium also aren’t a deathcore band trying to lend some credibility through criminal misuse of the word “progressive,” either. When this one kicks in about a minute in, it’s all over from the first fit of blast beats. This is technical death metal at some of the finest I think I’ve ever heard. It’s inhumanly fast and precise, but also not in the typical unmemorable, riff salad sort of way usually concocted by people that think they’re too smart for hooks. Like I said, I’m pretty easily bored and have basically zero interest in metal that sounds like warm-up exercises, but Alustrium hits the perfect balance of guitar nerdery and blinding speed versus having actual, structured riffs and parts that stand out from the blur.

Stream “A Tunnel To Eden” below, and buy the hell out of this album when it’s out on July 24th.


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