Amplified: Straight outta Poland, have some grind from Straight Hate

Posted by on November 26, 2014


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While Behemoth is likely the most popular Polish extreme metal band, there’s a healthy underground metal scene there. Straight Hate is a grindcore band hailing from the city of Chelms that’s been around since 2008. The band have just released a split, Born to Grind, with Indonesian band Speedy Gonzales, that you can pick up on their Bandcamp page. Featuring eight songs, only one of which crosses the two minute mark, it’s a nicely concise and brutal slice of foreign grindcore. While the band might or might not take their name from the Sepultura song, the band sound like Max Cavalera at his thrashiest.  And in keeping with the old-school, back to basics grind of the band, the split with Speedy Gonzales is a cassette.

Born to Grind can be streamed on Straight Hate’s Bandcamp page, but you can find out more about the band via their Facebook page.


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