Amplified: Ruin “Reopen” a can of groovy thrash

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Mmm, groove. There was definitely a time that every band I listened to had to sound like Ruin, and I’m disappointed my teenage self didn’t know about them. Ruin’s style is mostly rooted in no-nonsense New Wave American Metal, as evidenced by the track “Reopen” from their most recent release, Rite of Passage. The bulk of the song is about as thrash as you can get, but it’s peppered with some monster swinging grooves, and the stuttering opening riff as well as the sort of atonal, but focused lead work could be straight off of an unheard release from my other favorite smart person’s groove metal band, Byzantine. There’s a healthy dose of As The Palaces Burn-era Lamb of God in the guitar tone and some of the overall vibe.

I’m convinced that their Portland, Maine heritage is the only reason Ruin isn’t touring with Revocation – the thrash revival has been on full blast for the last few years and I don’t think enough people are looking to the little nub at the top of the country for their fix of new bands. (I had a spirited conversation about local music with singer/guitarist Rich Carey that was unfortunately lost to the ether when my conference line’s recording crapped the bed, but he swears by the rich bar culture and active music community within it that’s been thriving after a period of inactivity, so maybe we’ll be seeing a major influx of Portland bands coming down to pillage the mainland in the next few years.)

Watch the video for “Reopen” below, buy Rite of Passage on iTunes, keep an eye out for new music from Ruin in the near future, and if you’re an East Coaster, you have a few chances to check them out over the next week.

9/11 – Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
9/13 – Elbo Room – Chicago, IL
9/14 – Seward Cafe – Minneapolis, MN
9/16 – Firehouse Saloon – Rochester NY

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