Amplified: Lightning Rules…Well, Rules

Posted by on December 12, 2014

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When it comes to Amplified, we work with all sorts. The band’s “size” isn’t normally anything we’ll make note of in a post. Oregon’s Lightning Rules is…a bit smaller than usual. How small, you ask? Well, their Facebook page was just created four days ago, and only has three likes, one of which is me. That’s a lot of faith to put in a band, right? There’s a few good reasons why we’re talking about Lightning Rules today. First, they introduced themselves as “a project comprised of members from deeper rooted Portland area bands,” and more music from the place that birthed Red Fang already has our attention. More interesting: we don’t know who’s actually in the band. Allow us to direct you to their first piece of released material, “Corsicana 1879.”


Something about these dudes playing with giant, bearded paper bags over their heads is hysterically funny, and once you get past the weird gimmick, you’ve got an immensely tasty fuzzed out sort of stoner rock jam to dig into. If you’re a Clutch fan, this should be right up your alley. (And let’s be real here, there’s two kinds of people: Clutch fans, and those who are not to be trusted.) The band also addressed their email to us with “tender kisses,” so they obviously know that the way into our hearts and onto our website is to butter us up. We’re curious to know who the men behind the bags are, whether they’ll keep playing with them on once their identities are revealed, and when we’ll hear more music as good as this first taste, so keep an eye on Lightning Rules in the future for the start of something potentially very cool.

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