Amplified: Italy’s Adimiron brings the polyrhythm

Posted by on November 18, 2014

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Although Greece has brought us the likes of Septicflesh, Italy is a bit shorter on more over-the-top metal. The modern rock world responded pretty well to Lacuna Coil, but not enough bands from Rome are here to make you mosh. Adimiron is here to change that with their fourth record, “Timelapse.” Adimiron’s sound is essentially Meshuggah seen through a filter of Gojira. The polyrhythmic structure of their riffs are completely jagged and abrasive, but the more straight-ahead grooves and shredded-throad, just barely melodic vocal delivery call to mind our favorite Frenchmen. “Timelapse” isn’t afraid to devolve into pure extremity as well; blast beats and the occasional blackened chord progression will certain rear their heads now and again. This is far from the band’s first release, and it’s clear that they’ve come a long way, and will hopefully have even further to go, as this record is a terrifying joy to take in. Check out the video below for “State of Persistence” for some creepy, Tool-esque stop motion, and pick up “Timelapse” on Bandcamp here.



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