Who: Page Hamilton (Helmet), Derrek Hawkins (Stabbing Westward, Ace Frehley), Harley DiNardo
What For: Shampoo and Death film, soundtrack
Seeking: $77,000
Collected: $15,530
Days Left: 14
Chance of successful campaign: medium

Crowd funding makes the most sense when there are tangible rewards at stake: thanks on an album you helped fund, knowing you played a part in getting a film made, getting something (like a smart watch) before anyone else, or a one-of-a-kind memento from what you’re helping fund. Those factors, combined with helping someone’s dream become a reality, is why there have been so many crowd funding initiatives in the past few months. Many of those are in play for Shampoo and Death, a horror film that’s the brainchild of musician and hair salon owner Harley DiNardo. Since DiNardo is an accomplished musician in his own right, he’s lined up a solid group of collaborators, including Helmet’s Page Hamilton, to make the soundtrack for the film.

Shampoo and Death is set in 1977. It’s about a fading rock artist that opens a hair salon to placate his wife who’s nagging him because she knows he’s getting too old to play. With the punk movement on the horizon,when a punk rock kid shows up at his salon for a job, the salon owner takes interest in him. When he passes the kid’s demo off to a columnist for Creem as his own music, all hell breaks loose. Helmet’s Page Hamilton has signed on to co-write songs for the soundtrack, which DiNardo is working on in addition to writing, acting and co-directing. Hamilton joins other acts for the soundtrack including guitarist Derrek Hawkins (Stabbing Westward, Ace Frehley), Rodrigo Lopresti, and Jonny Dubowsky.

While the $77,000 that DiNardo is seeking is a little steep, it’s relatively inexpensive for a film, especially one that will come with an original soundtrack. There are some pretty cool perks being offered as well. One of the biggest-ticket items is a 1980 Vespa that was will be used in the film (for only $3,500). You can also be a producer, get a coffee table book of the artwork hanging in the salon during the film, or even a haircut from DiNardo himself at Jersey City’s Shampoo, his salon that part of Shampoo and Death will be filmed in. Check out a personal appeal from DiNardo after the jump, as well as a trailer for the film. DiNardo still has a ways to go to meet his goal in two weeks, but funding is starting to pick up. Do your part here.