Hark, this Neil Fallon-assisted track is great

Posted by on February 19, 2014

hark-albumIt’s a rule of thumb that if Clutch’s Neil Fallon drops by for a guest appearance on a track, it’s going to rule. He stole the show on Mastodon’s “Blood and Thunder,” and has appeared on tracks from stoner band Dozer and Soulfly, among others. The reason we bring this up is an epic 10 and a half minute track from Welsh trio Hark. Metal Hammer has premiered “Clear Light Of….” the album-closing track from the band’s debut Season of Mist album Crystalline.

Kurt Ballou has produced the album, the band’s first, which will be out in March. The band is made of of members of Taint and Whyteleaf, and have toured with Clutch and Red Fang, which is likely how they were put on Fallon’s radar. The song is somewhat Mastodonian in scope, but also more stoner rockish. The first thing we did after listening to it was cue it up again.

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