It seems like if you’re in Megadeth, in addition to winning Grammys, you like making people drink stuff. Dave Mustaine had a coffee company, but lately he’s been focusing on his beer, A Tout le Monde. And we’ve known that David Ellefson has had his own coffee brand for a while now, and now it’s going to the next level, as there’s going to be a brick and mortar coffee store opening in Ellefson’s home town of Jackson MN.

The Ellefson Coffee Co., shop will be more than just a place to have a coffee, though. It’s going to feature a “Museum of Deth,” with band artifacts and memorabilia from the bassist’s personal collection and stuff from the likes of Korn, Machine Head and Max Cavalera. You’ll also be able to pick up releases from his EMP Label Group, as well as merch. The spot will have a grand opening April 7-9, co-hosted by Ellefson himself and comedian Don Jamieson. Here’s what Jamieson has to say about the most metal coffee spot in America:

“He’s (Ellefson) a Grammy-winning musician, thrash metal legend and now… Mega Barista! When David and I spoke about this event I was immediately excited to jump on board. In fact, after a few cups of his Kenya Thrash blend I may just run all the way to Jackson, MN! So come raise a glass of java, and join us for this celebration of Ellefson Coffee.”

If you’re in Jackson MN, you can join the festivties at 404 Second St., Jackson MN. For more info, check the shop’s Facebook page.