Former God Forbid drummer Corey Pierce in auto accident

Posted by on June 24, 2014

Former God Forbid drummer Corey Pierce is recovering after being injured in an automobile accident that happened this past Saturday (21). It’s unknown how badly Pierce was injured, but a photo he posted on his Instagram account yesterday focused on his face and featured the caption “After rolling my truck in a pretty bad car accident Saturday. I’ve got some swelling,cracked teeth and blood behind the eyes. But the truck rolled over about 3-4 times and I’m still here.”

All things considered, it seems like he could have been in much worse shape given that:
a) He’s recovered well enough and has the mental and physical capability to post on the internet and
b) Although the photo is an extreme close-up of his head, he at least looks ok from the outside.
c) His truck rolled over 3-4 times? If there was any obstacles that he his, or he wasn’t wearing a seat belt, or anything was a fraction off, it could’ve been an entirely different story. So yeah, he’s lucky to be alive.

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