Video: Rob Zombie’s ‘Lords Of Salem’ Looks Pretty Scary

Posted by on October 4, 2012


You’ve gotta hand it to Rob Zombie – he knows how to make some damn creepy visuals. The just-unveiled trailer for “The Lords of Salem” is a genuinely unsettling-looking 100 seconds. Scored to opera instead of classic rock or a Zombie song, the trailer doesn’t touch much on the plot, but it doesn’t matter. It’s got witches burning at a stake, a haunted looking mansion, demon babies, some dude that looks like he’s in a black metal band, a hooded guy, and goat horns. The plot concerns a DJ (Sheri Moon Zombie, natch) that plays a metal song that awakens a coven of witches. What’s a little odd is that the movie isn’t coming out until 2013. It would seem like a given that it be out around Halloween, but what do we know? Either way, we’ll be lining up for this one.

[via Deadline]

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