Nightwish Announce Details for “Imaginaerum” Film,Soundtrack (Feat. Nothing from “Imaginaerum”)

Posted by on August 24, 2012

Remember when Nightwish said they were going to put out a film called Imaginaerum based on their album of the same name? It was a while ago, but we’re finally getting details. The good news is that the band has announced that the film will be released theatrically on November 23rd. The bad news is that it’s only going to be showing in Finland. The band will also be releasing Imaginaerum By Nightwish: The Score on November 9th. This is a little confusing considering we expected that the score would consist of songs that are actually from the album Imaginaerum, since, you know, the film is based on it and all. But hey, if you like your symphonic metal without all that pesky “metal,” this is going to be your jam.

According to the band’s website, the film will premiere at Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland on November 10th. Nightwish will also be performing a full concert at the premiere. It’s safe to say that if you can get yourself there, you might die of symphonic metal overload. For those unable to attend, Nightwish will be touring North America this fall with special guest Kamelot. And who knows? Those attending might get to hear songs from Imaginaerum the album and Imaginaerum the score just to boggle your mind even more.

The track listing for Imaginaerum By Nightwish: The Score is as follows:

01. Find Your Story
02. Orphanage Airlines
03. Undertow
04. Spying In The Doorway
05. A Crackling Sphere
06. Sundown
07. Wonderfields
08. Hey Buddy
09. Deeper Down
10. Dare To Enter
11. I Have To Let You Go
12. Heart Lying Still
13. From G To E Minor


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