New comedy film written/directed by, starring Sumerian Records owner

Posted by on February 7, 2015


Was anyone else unaware that, just as there is a Sumerian Records, there is also a Sumerian Films? Well, apparently, there is. And it appears to have produced it’s first feature, called What Now, starring, written, and directed by Sumerian Records (and, I guess, Sumerian Films) owner Ash Avildsen.

In the trailer (seen above), Avildsen appears to play a strip club DJ who, along with his entourage of friends struggling to make a living in Los Angeles, try to find love amidst the world of online “swipe dating,” through apps like Tinder. No word as of yet on whether or not this is in any way an autobiographically-inspired story from Avildsen or any of his associates, but the people featured in this project are certainly intriguing, and include several names from the metalsphere. Here are just a few:

Former Sworn Enemy guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci plays a strip club bouncer and Avildsen’s character’s friend.

Steven Adler of Guns N’ Roses.

Tosin Abasi of Animals As Leaders.

Both Ice-T and wife Coco Austin play themselves.

Danny Worsnop and Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria (clearly this was shot before Worsnop quit the band).

Jeffree Starr.

Several pro-wrestling personalities including WWE announcer Jim Ross, Diamond Dallas Page, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Those are just some of the names featured in the cast. The film will open at select theaters on March 19 and on cable and Internet VOD on April 3rd. Depending on your taste in movies, this looks like it could be anywhere between downright God-awful and an instant cult classic (with the instantaneousness of social media, it’s amazing what can gain a following these days). The concept of social media dating is certainly topical, but whether or not this ends up being any funny should determine whether or not Avildsen has any writing chops.

At any rate, the movie’s website promises that it will feature music from many different types of artists across several genres, including modern metal and hardcore. Most (but not all) of those bands are, unsurprisingly, currently signed to Sumerian Records: Body Count, Throwdown, Periphery, Animals As Leaders, Born Of Osiris, ††† (Crosses), Upon A Burning Body, Asking Alexandria, Circa Survive, Dead Letter Circus, and more.

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