Movie Bloody Movie: Iommi To Score Horror Franchise

Posted by on July 23, 2009

black sabbathThe Hollywood Reporter reports (redundant!) that there’s a new horror movie franchise coming to town: Black Sabbath! What’s more is that not only will the franchise take its name from metal’s forefathers, it’s also taking their guitarist.

Tony Iommi will be scoring the movies, which other than the title, is the film’s only link to the band. The series of movies (no word on how many yet) will be the first under Next Films, a company launched by Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hostel producer Mike Fleiss. His TV production company, Next Entertainment, is behind eight reality shows – none of which are The Osbournes. While we’re not expecting the movies to be particularly good, it’ll be interesting to hear what Iommi comes up with. Actually, considering he’s been making more appearances in court than in a studio lately, it’ll be great to hear any recorded output from him.

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