somekindofmonsterRemember St. Anger? It’s ok if you’d rather not. Metallica does though, and they even have a video document of the trying times when they were making it. Metallica: Some Kind of Monster was a pretty ground-breaking documentary, in that it showed the band arguing, battling addictions, going to group therapy, and damn near breaking up while recording the album. Some argued that it made the band look like less than the superstars they were. In fact, it made them look kind of like dicks. Yet it was human, and a warts-and-all look at the band. I mean, even Lars Ulrich’s dad thinks St. Anger sucked! The film hasn’t been in print for a while, and to commemorate it’s 10th anniversary, will be re-released on November 24th on Blu-Ray.

The re-release will mark the first time it’s available digitally and via Video On Demand. The new version will feature a bonus feature “Metallica: This Monster Lives,” a 25-minute follow-up filmed at last year’s Toronto Film Festival when the band’s second film, Metallica: Through the Never, was being released. It examines what the band has been up to since their first film (spoiler alert: touring, making the much better Death Magnetic, having their own festival for a few years, making an album with Lou Reed and making another movie).

Also, just in time for Record Store Day, the Black Friday edition, Metallica have announced that they’ll be releasing, “Lords of Summer,” their new song that they debuted earlier this year, on vinyl. A limited-edition 12 inch version of the song will be made available, featuring the “First Pass” studio version of the song and a live version recorded at the Rock In Rome Sonisphere Festival on July 1. The B-side will be a laser etching of the Metallica “M” logo.