Lamb Of God have been keeping themselves awfully busy since releasing Resolution at the beginning of this year. In addition to touring nonstop, the Virginia metal titans have also been working award winning filmmaker Don Argott and 9.14 Pictures on a new documentary. The film, titled As The Palaces Burn, reportedly examines the impact heavy metal music has made on people around the world during times of “economic uncertainty, political unrest, social injustice, and under a constant fear of war and violence.” So far, filming has taken place in in Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, India, and Israel, while shooting in the U.S. will happen over the Summer.

And in addition to releasing As The Palaces Burn’s first official trailer, Lamb Of God have also included a music video for the next single “Desolation.” The trailer looks rather interesting, and we look forward to seeing As The Palaces Burn once its completed. You can watch the first trailer and music video in the clip above, while the “Desolation” video can be seen by itself after the jump. As The Palaces Burn is looking to be released in 2013.