What to make of Ghost B.C – The Olde One – Papaganda, the first episode of a documentary about Ghost that premiered earlier today on Noisey? On the one hand, it’s a pretty entertaining and beautifully shot documentary about the Swedish sextet. On the other, you’re not going to find out all that much about the band that you didn’t know before. Papa Emeritus II is shown without his makeup (which you can also see in the “Year Zero” video), but it’s obviously a mask that looks like a cross between John Waters and the old man in the Six Flags commercials. He’s then shown putting the Papa makeup on the mask and mentioning that there will be a Papa Emeritus III. Either way, it’s great live footage (courtesy of Lemmy co-director Greg Olliver), and listening to a Nameless Ghoul talk about the band in a non-satanic/non-campy manner should help bring more people over to the dark side. We’re kinda psyched for Part II.