Death Metal Angola getting theatrical debut in NYC, Unlocking the Truth to play it

Posted by on November 19, 2014


A rock concert taking place to help save an orphanage sounds like the plot of a movie, and that’s exactly what it was, except Heavy Metal Angola happened in real life. And since we first wrote about the documentary last year, a lot has happened. The film is eligible for an Academy Award now, and it’s getting its theatrical debut in New York City this weekend.

Death Metal Angola is about Sonia Ferrera, a war survivor of the Angola region with a passion for death metal. In an attempt at bringing together music lovers and a country devastated by war, she joins forces with her partner, death metal guitarist Wilker Flores. Together they launch Angola’s first-ever national rock concert. To commemorate the opening, the film has teamed up with the Black Rock Coalition to host an after party on Friday at Littlefield in Brooklyn. The following evening, Unlocking the Truth will be playing a live show at the Cinema Village before and after the screening. That’s pretty unprecedented.

You can find out more about the film and it’s NYC theatrical premiere here.

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