Behemoth Frontman Cast In Nazi Comedy

Posted by on August 16, 2012

Those wacky Nazis – always up to their madcap hijinx, amirite Nergal? According to thenews.pl, Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski has joined the cast of AmbaSSada (EmbaSSy), a film directed by Juliusz Machulski, who also directed Polish comedies Sex Misja (Sex Mission) and Vinci. The plot of  AmbaSSada (get it, SS?) involves a couple living in present-day Warsaw. Their home happens to be the former German Embassy, and one day the couple enters the elevator to find themselves transported back to 1939 just before war breaks out.

“I’ve always wanted to make a contemporary film about Warsaw which at the same time has a dialogue with history,” the director told the Polish Press Agency. There’s no word yet on what role Nergal will play in the film, which will be shot in Warsaw later this month. However, the role of Hitler will be played by Robert Wieckiewicz. I guess it’s been 70 years since 6 million jews, (4 million of them Polish) were murdered, so maybe the statute of limitations on Nazi comedy has been lifted in Poland? Nergal is one of the biggest stars in Poland, which is somewhat inexplicable for a band as extreme as Behemoth, not to mention that he was sued for ripping up a bible onstage in 2007.

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