Skeletonwitch care about animals

Posted by on March 19, 2014

SkeletonWitcheckYou can tell that Skeletonwitch like animals from the title of their most recent album, Serpents Unleashed. We’re all for letting snakes off their leashes, unless that means something else, in which case we’re shocked. At any rate, it turns out the band care about more than just reptiles, as the band have just made a nice contribution to their local Humane Society. When a limited vinyl version of Serpents was released back in January, they announced that they’d donate 100% of proceeds from the album to animal shelters in their hometown. The hand-numbered, hand screened 180 gram vinyl was limited to 100 copies. And last week, the band swung by the Athens County Humane Society to drop off a ridiculously oversized check for $2,100 for the shelter (the other half went to Columbus’ Pets Without Parents).

“We have more than a dozen animals between us,” the bands Scott Hedrick told Ohio University’s The Post. “We wanted the money to go to a cause we believed in.” Chance Garnette weighed in on their decision to donate to a charity with the vinyl reprint:

“Putting out the same thing but in a different jacket, we didn’t want it to be some d–k move,” said Chance Garnette, vocalist for the band. “The money can go further helping out these organizations than it can divided by five and going in our pocket, it seemed like something we believed in and something we thought we could make some small difference in homeless pets’ lives.”

The special edition vinyl copies of Serpents Unleashed sold out in about three minutes. Bonus points for Garnette’s “Real Men Love Cats” shirt.



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