Remember when Dave Mustaine of Megadeth said that he’d move if Barack Obama was re-elected? And also that Obama was responsible for the Aurora movie theater massacre? And that he’s a birther that believes our President wasn’t born in America? Well, it turns out that Mustaine might be trying to dial down the crazy and actually do something that benefits people instead of bitching about them. It turns out that the frontman is getting involved with helping the poor by opening a soup kitchen in Haiti. Here’s what he said about his latest charitable involvement via his Facebook page.

I just wanted to take this time on a peaceful Sunday to stop and thank you for your tremendous support. I know not everyone here is a fan, but that’s ok too; this message will be waiting for you when you change your opinion of me/us.

Until then, I want to sincerely thank those of you for something you have no idea that you’ve done, but that is really a righteous and unbelievable thing to do. You see, all faults aside, I really am trying to live my life differently today, and part of that was in finding something to believe in.

One of the things that has happened since I started this transformation is getting involved with helping widows and orphans, and helping the homeless. Now, here’s what you’ve done…

I was approached with an opportunity, and thanks to your unwavering support, my family and I have been able to fund a soup kitchen in Haiti with a ministry called, “Outside The Bowl,” and you will be proud to know that when it is started (which will be very soon), we will be feeding up to 8,000 meals a day to the less fortunate.

I am so very grateful, and I love you all so very much (yes, even you haters), because even when I am being vilified and having my character assassinated, I can find comfort knowing up to 8,000 meals will be served each day, along with a healthy serving of love and some spiritual nourishment as well.

Again, I cannot thank you enough.

Love and bruises,

Dave Mustaine

It’s pretty noble that Mustaine would commit to doing something like this. There are many more musicians that are far wealthier than Mustaine, and there’s no real need for him to get involved to help those less fortunate. Even if the most cynical among us only see it as a PR stunt to help rehabilitate crazy ol’ uncle Dave’s image, there are people that will benefit from this. It’s also pretty fun to see him address the “haters,” as if he’s Honey Boo Boo. While Dave might put his foot in his mouth nearly every time he opens it, it’s respectable to see him putting food in the mouths of those that need it.