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Starting a band? Check the most 100 overused words in metal band names first

Posted by on February 28, 2014

It’s hard to come up with an original band name nowadays. Sure, you have your bands with names like Meshuggah and Vildhjarta and other band names that are unique based on the fact that they’re hard to pronounce, like Eluveitie (it’s El-vay-tee for the record). But there are always words you see popping up in band […]

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Lamb of God, Coldplay helped shape Machine Head’s ‘TTAOE’

Posted by on October 31, 2013

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of Machine Head’s album release Through the Ashes of Empires, frontman Rob Flynn is taking a trip down memory lane and sharing his reflections on Facebook. Posting his second installment about the album in his The General Journals: Diary Of A Frontman… And Other Ramblings, Wednesday, this time he talks about the […]

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Machine Head’s Robb Flynn almost joined Drowning Pool

Posted by on October 30, 2013

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Machine Head’s Through the Ashes of Empires, an album that started their creative renaissance. In honor of the milestone. Rob Flynn has taken to writing about the band’s past on his always-entertaining and imformative The General Journals: Diary Of A Frontman… And Other Ramblings. Flynn is posting a […]

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Record Store Day Brings In The Fans, Makes Big Bucks

Posted by on April 21, 2010

This past Saturday (April 17), record stores and music fans once again took part in the annual Record Store Day. On this day, 1,400 independent music stores (close to 1,000 of which were in the U.S.) participate in the event by holding in-store appearances and carrying special products exclusively sold on RSD. During a time […]

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