manson2It’s been a while since Marilyn Manson has shocked anyone here in America. However, that’s not the case in the Soviet Union, where two of his three scheduled shows were canceled, one due to a bomb threat and the other by religious extremists. The band’s show this past Friday (27) was canceled to a bomb threat called in right before they were set to play. Manson tweeted out a picture showing crowds milling about outside after the plug was pulled on the show. “WHy are the people that proclaim that music inspires violence the ones that create such entropy,” he asked.

And a show that was to have taken place yesterday (29) was canceled because concert organizers thought that it might insult Orthodox believers and promote sadomasochism, reports. The concert’s promoter, Sibirskie Gastroli, stated “authorities of all levels have denied us permissions to hold the concert on June 29th,” they stated. “We’ve fought until the end but the situation has proved stronger than us, unfortunately.” Full refunds are being offered to ticket holders. The Novosibirsk show hadn’t been out and out canceled, but would have coincided with an annual local holiday. They’d offered Manson a show on Saturday, but he refused. One activist, Yury Zadoya, went on a local radio station claiming “Manson’s live performances look like an amusement park with a sadomasochistic slant. “Sadomasochism is a mental disorder. What does Novosibirsk need this show for?” Well, by calling the show “an amusement part with a sadomasochistic slant, Zadoya probably got a lot of people that wouldn’t have wanted to go to the show interested in it.