From Autumn To Ashes vocalist arrested for drugs

Posted by on July 8, 2015

Earlier this year, From Autumn to Ashes decided to reunite and tour for the first time in seven years, announcing a one-month run with Hawthorne Heights, Sleepwave, and Extinction A.D. Last week, the band canceled the remainder of the tour, citing “a personal emergency beyond their control.” Now Lambgoat has reported the reason for the tour cancellation: apparently frontman Francis Mark was charged late last month for “maintaining a drug house.” Back in September 2014, the 32 year-old singer and former drummer was caught, and the sentencing for the case, which allegedly carries a year’s probation, was handed down. “Maintaining a drug house” means that the person charged had a vehicle or structure where drugs were used, stored or sold. Under terms of the condition, he’s not allowed to leave the state without permission, which would cut down on touring.


The band has yet to make any official comment. As of now, it seems like the other bands are continuing on the tour without them.

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