When Death Angel first formed in 1982, they were preteens. If you need any proof that they’ve definitely gotten older since then, look no further than drummer Will Carroll, who suffered an injury that’s forced the band to cancel their upcoming show. Here’s what he had to say via the band’s Facebook page:

“Two days ago I was taking out the trash and in doing so I missed a step in my basement, rolled my foot and broke a bone in my right foot. Doctors say I can’t drum for 3 to 4 weeks. Because of this Death Angel will not be playing the Metal Against Cancer benefit on Feb. 28th. I was looking forward to this show for many reasons but the biggest one is the fact that I lost my mother to cancer 11 years ago so it was important to me and DA to be a part of this great cause. This will also be the first show I have ever cancelled in the 27 years I’ve been playing live so this is hitting me on multiple levels. We put the word out to a couple of drummer friends to help out but they were unavailable. We decided there wasn’t enough time to teach someone the set and make it presentable. The last thing we want to do is put on an unequal performance. People deserve better than that. We (especially me) apologize to everyone who bought tickets and to our fans who were expecting to see us. And to all the organizers, other bands and everyone involved. Maybe we’ll be asked to do this again. I certainly hope so.

That’s unfortunate. It should be noted that Carroll isn’t an original band member.In fact, the original drummer, Andy Galeon, was injured in a bus accident in 1990, ultimately leading to the band’s first hiatus. Maybe there’s a drummer curse. At any rate, it’s pretty admirable that the band chose to not play over choosing a drummer that wouldn’t have been able to put on a show worthy of being Death Angel.