This Is The Opposite Of A ‘Missed Connection’

Posted by on April 11, 2012

We here at Metal Insider are all about the music, but it doesn’t mean we’re not above doing some public service every now and then. Take, for example, this Craigslist posting from Chicago. Let it not be said that the Gigantour doesn’t bring people together. Specifically, it seems like it brought together a Hot Topic couple that shared an intimate moment in the bathroom at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom on February 10.

In fact, a blue-haired lady and a red-mohawked man hit it off so well that he knocked her up in the bathroom at the show. Which Dave Mustaine would probably approve of, since his preferred (former) Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is decidedly anti-contraception and anti-abortion. In fact, we propose that, should the couple reunite and decide to name the child together, they name their little bundle of joy Dave if it’s a boy or make Mustaine her middle name if it’s a girl.

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