Black Tongue singer stepped out of a moving tour bus

Posted by on February 11, 2015

black_3195306bWe’re guessing alcohol might have been a factor in this mishap. Black Tongue vocalist Alex Teyen is resting up after a bathroom accident. Mainly that he had to go to the bathroom on his tour bus. When the bathroom was occupied, he opened the door to another bathroom and stepped into it – but it wasn’t a bathroom, it was the door to their tour bus, which was speeding down a highway in Poland at the time.  We’ll let the Telegraph, a paper from the band’s home country of the UK, take it from here:

“The victim told his colleagues he was going to the toilet,” said Officer Piotr Kaciak, a local police spokesman. “The toilet turned out to be engaged so he opened the bus’s door instead and stepped out while the coach was still moving.”

When they realised what had happened other passengers alerted the driver who stopped the coach. Band members found their colleague on the motorway and administered first aid, while a passing motorist, who spoke “broken English,” stopped and called the emergency services.

“Judging by the manner of the victim’s behaviour, speech and smell we suspect he was under the influence of alcohol,” added Mr Kaciak.

His father apparently went to Poland to help him get back to Britain. While he’s apparently “battered and bruised,” he’s expected to make a full recovery. Without their singer, of course, the band were forced to pull out of their current tour. They will be playing their US tour dates, however.

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