And Then There Was That Time When Alice Cooper Had His Own Mascara

Posted by on January 4, 2013

The 1970’s were a crazy time. Pet rocks, mood rings, polyester leisure suits, and don’t forget Alice Cooper’s Whiplash Mascara. By 1973, Alice Cooper was at the height of his career. Billion Dollar Babies had been released that February, and was a #1 album. Looking to cash in on his success, not to mention his sexually ambiguous image, Cooper launched his own line of mascara. It was short lived, but there were enough people willing to lay down $2.95 (+ 50 cents postage and handling) for them to take out ads. A few things about this that are great:

  • The taglines, which include “whip your eyes into shape,” “liberate your eyes” and “whip the one you love.”
  • boxes for “male,” “female” and “other”
  • the fact that at one point, Alice Cooper wrapped in tin foil was considered sexy.

If you have a tube of Whiplash sitting around the house, you might want to not use it. An unopened tube recently sold for $1825. Check out the packaging after the jump.

[Dangerous Minds, via Cherrybombed]


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