Former Foo Fighter guitarist still upset by firing

Posted by on November 13, 2015

A musician can have many regrets during their life, including not practicing enough when you had the time, not signing that record deal you got offered by that now-huge label or passing on to join a band that now is bigger than Jesus, but when one of those scenarios happen in a different way, like being fired from one of those successful bands, the sour-feel can be really intense.

Back in 1997, guitarist Franz Stahl joined this band called Foo Fighters after Pat Smear quit the band and he played for Dave Grohl and company for 2 years until he received a conference call from the band letting him know he was dunzo. Stahl described the 2 years experience as the “best time of his life” in the Foo Fighters’ Back and Forth documentary but it seems like he’s not over the fact he was canned.

Stahl told author Mick Wall, who’s writing the new Foo Fighters biography Learning to Fly, “There’s never been any sort of closure on any of it,’ he tells Wall: “And we’re going on twenty years now.”

Grohl and Stahl’s relationship goes further back than this, as they were mates in a hardcore band called Scream back in 1990, before Nirvana recruit Grohl to their ranks. Considering the current success Foo Fighters has had in the past 20 years, you can’t really blame Stahl for still feeling bitter about not being part of it. Check out the his debut performance in the video below.

Learning to Fly is out November 27 via Orion press.



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