Between Load-In And Set Time: Allegaeon’s guide of places to eat, drink in Denver

Posted by on September 23, 2016


Today (23), Allegaeaon’s fourth album, Proponent for Sentience, comes out on Metal Blade Records. The band’s technical blend of thrash, death and progressive metal have put them on the map, and they’re proud enough of their hometown of Denver that they shot a video from the album, “All Hail Science,” at the Black Sky Brewery. With that in mind, we thought we’d ask the band for their recommendations of places to eat and drink while in Denver. They’ll be playing Ozzfest Meets Knotfest this weekend, and on tour for the rest of the year and beyond, but if your band is playing Denver, or you happen to be going to a show in town, here’s where you should go before or after:

When playing the Marquis Theatre or Summit Music Hall:


Marquis Pizza (20th and Larimer)


Pizza is a large food group in a touring band’s diet so it doesn’t get much more convenient than there. Great at anytime in the night. If you’re not that hungry but looking for a place to unwind before stage, there’s plenty of bars within walking distance.


1-UP Lodo (20th and Blake)


Perfect for killing time before a show. Grab a beer and slam quarters in classic video games. Warning: If you go on a weekend it will smell like a rec center locker room.

Not into video games?


Double Daughters (16th and Market)


A little farther away but still walking distance. Friendly staff, good food and drinks with a unique design. If you’re willing, try a “Go Fuck Yourself.” It tastes like it sounds.


When playing the Gothic Theater


Moe’s Original BBQ  (530 Broadway)


Loads of crazy good BBQ. Just above the price range of a touring musician, but it’s definitely worth the splurge.



Black Sky Brewery (490 Sante Fe Drive) 

Photo: Rachelle Benson

Photo: Rachelle Benson

We chose Black Sky as the location for our “All Hail Science” video because of everybody who works/comes there. It feels like home base of the Colorado metal scene. One of the better places to come after a show, either to get some pizza or try new craft beers.


Proponent for Sentience is out now on Metal Blade Records and can be ordered here.



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