Wacken Open Air to have beer pipeline this year

Posted by on May 26, 2017

Take a look at the above photo. What’s it look like to you? Protesters disrupting the Dakota Access Pipeline? The world’s largest bong? Nope, neither of those guesses are correct, and the real answer is somehow even more impressive than both of them. What you’re looking at is Wacken Open Air Festival workers laying down a pipeline – of beer! The 75,000-strong festival means a hell of a lot more people than the town’s population of 1,800 will take over the town in August, and they’ll be thirsty. For the first time ever, they’re going to be constructing a pipeline to transport 400,000 liters of beer.

In addition to it being awesome and extremely metal, it’ll be quick enough for bartenders to pour six beers per second. And the reasoning behing it is actually an environmental one. Between the beer trucks and all the barrels that had be to moved in to quench metal fans’ thirst, the grounds were a mess by the end of the festival. This will be much more environmentally friendly, in addition to saving the time it takes for a keg to be tapped. And it’s not just beer – there will be additional pipelines for drinking water, power, fiber optics and sewage. Here’s hoping none of those get mixed up.

[via TheLocal.de]


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