Dead Skin Cask? Slayer have a beer now

Posted by on October 16, 2015

Hey, remember when founding Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman died back in 2013 from cirrhosis of the liver? Apparently the rest of Slayer didn’t, because if you’re in Sweden, you can now pick up your very own Slayer beer. The band’s “666 Red Ale” is 6.5 ABV, which seems about 1.5% off to us. And if you really want to pledge your allegiance (ale-egiance?) to the  band , it won’t come cheap, as it’s only available in Sweden right now, and you’ll have to at least buy a 12-pack. Then again, if you’ll pony up $180 for an 8 pound version of their new album, paying shipping charges for a 12 pack of imported beer is probably no biggie for you. Eat your heart out, Cannibal Corpse!

When asked by Sweden Rock Magazine if he thought a beer could taste like Slayer, Tom Araya replied: “It can taste authentic. So, yes, a beer can taste like Slayer.” Um, ok. Are you sure Slayer beer doesn’t taste like it has any repent in it? At any rate, if you want to bite the bullet and order some Swedish Slayer beer, you can do that here.

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