The Word Alive’s tour manager allegedly jumped by Florida band

Posted by on March 17, 2016

FB_IMG_1458220575995According to reports from the band, The Word Alive’s tour manager was beaten up by a local band called Rainey’s Revenge during their recent show at the Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola, FL. The band’s singer posted the following on their Twitter about the incident:

“The band RAINEYS REVENGE jumped our tour manager before we played tonight for citing their set due to them going over their time. Bullshit.”

“They are lucky that they are cowards and waited until he was alone. Have fun being blacklisted from ANY beneficial show for life. Ignorant.”

“All in all though we had an amazing show tonight Pensacola. We appreciate you singing your hearts out to songs new and old. We’ll be back ”

“It will never pay to act unappreciative and unprofessional. Topping that off with unnecessary violence will end your career, good job ️”

“we have a venue staffer who has already filed a report backing up what happened, he was jumped and defended himself.”

On the other hand, Rainey’s Revenge released the following statements in response to the accusations:

“First and for most we want to thank everyone who came and supported us tonight at Vinyl. Y’all were amazing!
NOW for the elephant in the room for those who saw us. Our set was cut short after our first song by The Word Alives tour manage. Long story short we given a chance to play one more song after we discovered this…so in other words we played 2 songs. Naturally we were far from ‘OK’ about this. Sadly the situation got out of hand and to make a long story short we had to leave.

We would like to keep this situation as private as we but however we want to deeply apologize first and for most to Vinyl Music Hall and secondly to all our fans in attendance tonight. It was out of our control being cut short. We would like to offer to all our fans in attendance that if you come to our show this Saturday at Sluggos and bring your ticket stub from tonight we will personally let you in half off. You have our word.

Once again thank you all!
We love you

-Rainey’s Fuckin Revenge”

“The Word Alive show at Vinyl.
What really happened.

RR set was cut short due to time issues. We set up fairly quickly but due to some sound issues unbeknownst to us apparently we went 10 min over. After our first song the TM told our vocalist that we had 5 minutes left, and before our guy could even get the word to the rest of the members he said dont try me I will cut the pa off! Needless to say we werent happy about it, but we played one more song and rushed off.

Afterwards two members were OUTSIDE of the venue smoking a cigarette and admittedly they were venting over what had happened. By THEMSELVES. The TM approached our band members getting loud and rowdy with our guys because he overheard the venting they were doing. The RR guys had went to where they were COMPLETELY alone and away from everyone to discuss the show. The TM approached them because he didnt like what he overheard.

After much yelling and finger pointing from both sides the TM punched our member in the face. They then proceeded to grapple with each other. Our other member grabbed the TM and everyone went to the ground. The security asked our member to let him up now that things had calmed. Our member did and the minute he was back up again the TM punched the other member in the face AGAIN and went after him.

The member who grabbed the TM breaking up the two fighting never even threw a punch and the member who was punched was merely defending himself. He was never JUMPED. Other people can claim they saw what happened but there were only 4 people there. Security, 2 RR guys, and the TM.

The TM came from inside the venue, the security was at the door and the RR guys were outside. We sincerely hope the venue has tape on it, because that will show the truth of what really happened.”

Both statements by Rainey’s Revenge have been deleted but whatever version is the right one, we would like to remind everyone that violence is not the way to go, particularly in Florida.

[via theprp.com]

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