Wanna know an indication of how popular Sworn In is getting? They’ve inspired a parody band Sworn Out. Over the weekend, Sworn In vocalist Tyler Dennen tweeted about the fake band, not taking issue with the fact that they exist, but that they’re selling t-shirts that rip off their logo and t-shirts. Among the tweets he sent over the weekend were the following:

“yo I get making fun of my band cause you don’t like us. But printing shirts to make money by using that bands name and image is frowned upon”

“it’s just a parody, it’s funny, lighten up” if this was your band you wouldn’t be saying that shit”

“I don’t mind the parody page at all. that’s not even the first one I’ve seen. just the t shirts being sold is the bothersome part. relax.”

So Sworn Out isn’t even an original concept? How could there be multiple parody pages? And more importantly, why are there? Sworn Out responded to Dennen’s tweets via Facebook, stating that a friend’s merch company made the shirts and they’re not profiting off of them.

Hey guys, to clear everything up for you on the shirt issue..

It wasn’t our idea whatsoever, to make SO shirts. We’re against making money off of this because, well, it’s not original content.

We aren’t selling them or making any money off their production.


Overthrown approached us about and and we just thought it’d be neat to see people reppin’ Sworn Out.
It is, in every sense of the word, limited–as in, I only intended for it to happen this once.


We’re in this not to make money, but to MAKE SUPER HEAVY WEE-OOH xDEATHxSTEPx MYCHEMCORE.



This is probably supposed to be remotely funny. It’s not. And even if “Sworn Out” aren’t profiting off the shirts, Overthrown is. Someone defending them state that Weird Al Yankovic is able to parody songs under Fair Use, but Yankovic obtains permission before doing it.  The band are promising a single on April 1st called “Suicide Roulette.”

[via theprp]