Some Sepultura music blocked from appearing in Sepultura documentary

Posted by on May 25, 2017

The feud between Max and Igor Cavalera and their most popular band, Sepultura has been bitter, ongoing and in no danger of being solved any time soon. The latest instance of bad blood between the brothers Cavalera and Sepultura comes by way of Otavoi Juliano, the director of Sepultura’s documentary, Sepultura Endurance. He says that the bad was blocked from using some of the band’s earlier material in the documentary.

Speaking to Folha De S.Paulo, the director named “Roots” and “Attitude” as songs that were blocked from being used. The director said that since the Cavaleras own half the rights to Sepultura’s older songs, live performances of those songs had to be cut:

“It’s not the use of old material being used in the film, it’s the current band playing these songs, but we’re not being able to use it the way we’d like to”

When Sepultura Endurance was screened in Los Angeles, Juliano says that they kept the footage in, but muted the songs, explaining why they weren’t allowed to use the older songs in the film. He stated that he hopes the Cavaleras change their position, since they haven’t seen the film, and it’s really “an exaltation of everything they conqured.” Home video details for Sepultura Endurance haven’t been shared yet. Check the trailer out below: 


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