Yesterday, Havok vocalist/guitarist David Sanchez reached out to Metal Sucks with a statement about them being dropped from the Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Suicidal Tendencies and Metal Church tour. The Denver thrash band said that Dave Mustaine chose to remove them from the lineup after they were offered a contract that they found “unacceptable.” Interestingly, the band’s manager was Justis Mustaine, Dave’s son.

Dave Mustaine, a surprisingly active Twitter user, responded via a series of Tweets. He said that Sanchez was lying, that Havok didn’t pay their bills to Justis, and decried metal gossip sites like Metal Sucks. He also got into somewhat of a war of words with Rock Feed and Metal Sucks correspondent Brian Storm, who challenged him to a debate. Finally, Justis himself weighed in via Facebook:

That’s a solid response, and he seems to have no ill will towards the band, other than the “being compensated poorly” part. There, of course, are three sides to every story, and the truth may lie somewhere in between Havok’s statement and Mustaine’s. Meanwhile, Storm deleted his tweets arguing with Mustaine, and Mustaine admitted he was being childish and his war of words was uncharacteristic of him. You can follow along on Twitter if you want to get caught up in drama, or maybe not and just know that as a result of Havok’s exit, Lillake is taking their place. You can catch the tour stating on September 20. Check the dates below.