Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop disses fan, changes meet & greet policy for the worse as result

Posted by on April 17, 2017

One would think that if you’re in a band, you’ve signed up for being in the public spotlight, and if you have fans, you should probably be gracious that you’ve made music that touches peoples’ lives. However, someone must’ve forgotten to tell Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop that. A Twitter user posted a story about her friend trying to meet the singer after the band’s appearance at a festival. A seven year fan of the band, she asked Worsnop for a hug and he apparently replied “no, sorry no time for such shit,” pushing away her and a crying fan.


To his credit, Worsnop responded to the fan via a series of tweets. It’s not like he comes off as warm or cuddly, however, stating that he said he didn’t have time because he had a meeting, wasn’t supposed to be at the signing in the first place, and is not going to do any signings  any more that aren’t for albums. Also, he doesn’t hug fans.


Wow, way to be a dick. He should be happy he still has fans that want to hug him. Granted, a festival appearance isn’t the most intimate of experiences, and it’s within his right not to want to meet with fans if he can’t. But he shouldn’t have gone to the signing area if he hadn’t planned on being there in the first place. 


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