Back in 2015, Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan was most likely joking when he called Tool fans clamoring for new music “retards.” The  singer has always had a cantankerous relationship with the press and his fans, and has a sense of humor subtle and dry enough that it’s very easy to misconstrue what he says. That said, Tool fans are some of the most overzealous/passionate people around. I mean, what else is there to do while waiting around for 11 years for a new album to come out? 

At any rate, Reddit user Grenadiness (or is it Granadiness? Metal Injection isn’t sure.) and his friend decided to get matching Tool tats on their asses because, well, why not? 

We’re both pretty big fans of the band, recently saw them together in Virginia. He’s moving away in August and we needed to get the friendship tats out of the way. It was kind of just an impulsive idea I had that he agreed to~

And instead of shame, the user expresses that he doesn’t take himself too seriously and “if this turns out to be what I regret most in my life, I did okay.” Good attitude. Just don’t ask Maynard what he thinks of it. If butts are #NSFW at your job, look at this elsewhere: