I guess it’s pretty cool that this Sunday, 25 years after they made their awards show debut by playing “One” at the Grammy awards and subsequently losing to Jethro Tull, that Metallica will be  performing on this Sunday’s awards. It’s even cooler that they’ll actually, once again, be performing “One,” this time with Chinese pianist Lang Lang. Yet, somehow it all pales in comparison to Kvelertak’s appearance on this past weekend’s Spellemannprisen, which is the Norwegian equivalent of the Grammy Awards. The band performed “Evig Vandrar,” in an amazing performance that had everything you need in an epic performance. Pyro? Check. Confetti? Yup. Two singer-songwriters to play the acoustic guitar part (Morten Aabel and Thomas Dybdahl)? Sure, that too. Five drummers with owl masks on? Yeah, you’re not going to find that anywhere else. We’re kind of jealous of Norway right now.

[via Metal Injection]