Megadeth announce Countdown to Extinction Auction

Posted by on November 4, 2014

It appears “decades of Megadeth tour memorabilia” will soon be on the auction block. The online event, titled Megadeth – The Countdown To Extinction Auction, goes from December 1sth through the 7th,

From the Megadeth website:

In addition to two breathtaking double-neck 12 & 6-string V guitars, there is a host of highly recognizable signature model guitars, including the ‘Angel of Deth,’ ‘Fear’ and ‘Gears of War,’ as well as the equally infamous black and silver V guitars. And to add even more prestige to these weapons of mass destruction, some of the guitars are truly the first ever build models.

The auction, run by Backstage Auctions, will also feature backdrops, road cases, amps, shirts, picks, strings, and even a “pair of tour used Vic Rattlehead combat boots.”

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