So remember when Corey Taylor kept saying that he wasn’t sure whether Slipknot would continue without the late Paul Gray (multiple times while drummer Joey Jordison said the exact opposite)? Well luckily for fans, it would appear that Taylor has become more comfortable about moving forward with Slipknot since their European Summer shows.

In a tweet he posted yesterday, Taylor revealed what he had in store for the next few months (including solo shows, new Stone Sour album, and U.S. Slipknot shows). Straight to the point, Taylor tweeted the following:

“WHOLE bunch of things being plotted: more solo/book tours in Europe and US, new Stone Sour album, a US Slipknot tour… Gonna be busy!”

Granted, it still could be a while till Slipknot actually record any new music, and it’s very possible that their U.S. plans only include a few dates. However, this does show that Taylor, who seemed to be the least enthusiastic about Slipknot’s future, is much more open to continuing on with Slipknot than he was before. He simply needed to take things slow, which no one can blame him for. In truth, it was hard for us to report on the “he said, she said” drama that surrounded Slipknot in the past year. They’re still healing from such a major loss. There’s no need to rush back into the swing of things (seriously, it’s only been a little over a year since Gray’s death).

With that said, we’re sure that many U.S. fans (including us) are looking forward to seeing Slipknot live once again. We’ll just have to wait and see what they’ve got planned for the future.